Who We Are

In late May 2018, 4 men came together via a zoom meeting in hopes of having an honest conversation about goals and challenges that they were facing in their personal, professional and family lives.  

We focus, primarily, on four areas of our lives.  

Our spirit, health, hustle, and bag (finances). 

We originally had the name “Fellaz Accountability Group” to describe our selves until we discovered that we really could make an impact and we were seeing results. We evolved the name to “Kings” because a King represents authority and power over a specific territory or domain.

Today, Kings Accountability Group (KAG) provides professional development, mentoring, and opportunities for people of historically disadvantaged backgrounds to obtain services, resources, and connections to improve their lives, families, businesses or careers that they endeavor. 

Furthermore, we are a 501c Non-profit Organization that is looking for alliance and partnership to help our KAG Community and our extended Families.