John H. Brown

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John H. Brown

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Business Strategy & Sales Consulting


John H. Brown is multifaceted. He’s a strategic thinker with the gift of vision. He sees things on a macro level yet can create plans and assemble teams to execute them at a micro level. For the past 25 years, he’s used these skills to help individuals and global companies increase efficiency and revenue. 


Active Listening, Strategic Thinker, Execution, Communication, Marketing, Project Management, Leadership, Networking, Negotiation, Sales Presentation, Sales Process, Value Based Selling, Consultative Selling, C-Level Sales, Business Strategy, Customer Experience, and Customer Retention/Renewals.


John is passionate about people and what it takes to build, expand, and retain relationships in all areas of his life. Today he continues to work in high tech, as a business strategy & sales executive, helping global companies DEFINE their Objectives, Priorities, and Initiatives, helps them DEVELOP Action Plans, assembles success partners & resources, then partners with them to DELIVER the result

Achievements & Creations

1999: Co-Founder: Brown Developments, Inc.
2004: Published Books: The Real Estate Investment Flow Chart
2004: Published Book: The Real Estate Investment Flow Chart II
2009 – 2014: Co-Founder: Cardless Technologies
2020: Created 3Ds of Success: Define + Develop + Deliver.
2021: Published Book: Onion Based-Selling
2022: Created a 23-page tool- 3Ds of Success Growth Plan
2023: Trademarked 3Ds of Success
2023: Published Book: Onion Based-Relationships
2023: Created a Performance Based DEI Model