Pathways and Resources

KAG Pathways

The Pathways Program is designed to help drive success. KAG partners with industry experts to assist the Kings in 3 key areas of their lives: Personal, Professional, and Family. Members have access, via their subscriptions, to experts that help them Define, Develop, and Deliver upon their goals. 



Your personal life is where it all begins. If the individual can be shaped into the best version of themselves everything outside of them will fall into place. 

We focus on the whole person. 

  • Spiritual
  • Mental
  • Physical

When our members are operating at high levels in these areas, they have the tools to help themselves and those around them.  


A positive family life provides a sense of belonging, emotional support, and stability. Families are communities. The ones that share in each other’s successes, challenges, provide guidance, and offer a sense of unconditional love are those that last. 

KAG believes in the power of family. Our areas of focus:

  • Role Model
  • Wealth Creation 
  • Wealth Preservation


Your career is however you make money.  

  • Corporate
  • Entrepreneur

Whatever you are doing, KAG is here to provide its members resources to succeed. 

We want to see you GROW. The more successful you are, the more you have to offer KAG members, partners, and the world.